Town and Country Renovations - Roanoke, VA

8:53 am ET May 30, 2016

As you may know, I own a little bit of real estate in the Roanoke, Virginia Area, and my most recent purchase was a fixer-upper. It had a variety of needs including but not limited to a new garage door, garage door opener, dishwasher, kitchen sink, wall in the garage due to termites (the seller's inspector completely missed the damage) and gutters to name a few of the larger projects. Needless to say, it's been a challenge to find "good people" to fix my fixer-upper.

As all of us do, I searched the Internet over for reputable people and businesses to fix my gutters. Based upon word of mouth and Internet searches I narrowed my choices down to four companies. Two were priced quite high, and were not very professional. Two were priced right and professional. Out of the two, I decided to go with Town and Country Renovations and happy I did! Hugh Powel, the owner of Town and Country Renovations was the person that came out to bid on my job. I immediately liked him because he was very professional, friendly and transparent about his products. He educated me about gutters, something I knew nothing about before starting the process of replacing them. He also let me know Town and Country Renovations is the Official Gutter Helmet Dealer in the Roanoke, VA Area, which honestly meant nothing to me before doing some research online about Gutter Helmet. After googling Gutter Helmet, I was then even more impressed with Mr. Powel and his company. Anyway, his bid was only $10 more than the other company I considered BUT $600 and $900 cheaper than the two unprofessional companies! Needless to say, I chose Town and Country Renovations.

Now, if you live in Roanoke, Virginia, then you know the rain has been relentless this year. Regardless of the rain, Mr. Powel kept me informed and had terrific communication with me throughout the entire process. The very first day that it was possible to install my gutters he had his team do it. His "installers", the people that tore down my old gutters and the others that installed new ones, were professional and friendly as well.

All-in-all, I find it impossible to believe there is a more professional or better ran renovations company in the Roanoke, Virginia Area than Town and Country Renovations. Also, let's not forget Mr. Powel's bid was only $10 more than one company but $600 and $900 less than two others. If you care about your remodeling or home improvement project being done by professional, friendly people and being done correctly in a timely manner at the right price, then call Hugh Powel's company Town and Country Renovations today at (540) 772-7770.

If you are like me and spend a lot of time on the Internet or use it to research things, then learn more about Town and Country Renovations on their Official Website, Gutter Helmet Authorized Dealer Page, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Page, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.